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Pontoons, shipyards and marinas

The Aquatiem (AT) concept is used on ships, but what is often forgotten is that the quality of the incoming water must also be well controlled. AT focuses on drinking water loading points on pontoons, shipyards and marinas, thereby offering a new solution. A ready-made weatherproof drinking water loading point. Uniquely, it can also withstand the weather conditions in seaports.

This is a stainless steel 316 cabinet with 2 or 3 compartments (depending on the client’s wishes) that incorporates: 
• Electrical installation
• Drinking water system including ultra-filtration, heating and outdoor heating of the water supply (frost-free) and a drinking water reel (this can also be placed in a 3rd compartment if necessary).

Through combined forces within AT, the complete water safety package is offered, including a Legionella management and maintenance plan. The technique used within AT is ultra-filtration (UF). This membrane technology is produced in the Netherlands and complies with all legal certification requirements. 

This UF technology is already widely used in process and drinking water. Ultra-filtration (0.02 µm) water treatment is a sustainable and effective solution for contaminants in water. Bacteria, micro-plastics and particles, including Legionella bacteria, are removed from the water and flushed to the sewer. This makes the application of membrane filtration extremely suitable as a Legionella or microbiological filter.

In practice, hoses are (often unknowingly) laid on the ground or suspended in surface water at shipyards, pontoons or marinas, which of course poses a hazard. AT supplies the drinking water safe hubs/boxes complete with a reel with a retractor and a lockable nozzle on the hose. This minimises risks of contamination and bacteria (such as Legionella).

In addition, heating elements are used to keep the supply line and cabinet contents frost-free. In the process, accidental overheating is prevented using thermostats. Optimal temperature control is set using 24/7 remote monitoring.